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國家新創獎今頒獎 好孕行生醫獲新創精進獎殊榮

December 1, 2020

台灣新創國家隊出列 好孕行邁向國際舞台

September 1, 2020

新創晶易求精助好孕創生機 獲科技部創業傑出獎200萬

July 14, 2020

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A brief of iPreg Incorporation

iPreg Incorporation researched the human sperm swimming mode and found that there is a discernable difference in the swimming ability between healthy and abnormal sperm. We tested the fluid mechanics of sperm swimming in the microchannel and invented "iPreg sperm sorting chip", which can increase 45 times of the healthy sperm and augment healthy sperm ratio to 95% in 10 minutes. Owning the advantages of high recovery, high inefficiency and low cost, "iPreg sperm sorting chip"

The global population of infertility is about 15%

The global population of infertility is about 15%. Nowadays the in vitro fertilization (IVF) is the most efficient solution of infertility, while the pregnancy rate of IVF is only 37.4% is US. One of the reasons for the failure of IVF points to the inability to obtain healthy sperm. Spermatozoa used in IVF are obtained by gradient centrifugation method, it requires an operation time of 1 hour to increase twice the concentration of healthy sperm. The centrifugation is easy to

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