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Sperm Sorting Chip

Reasons for male infertility point to the difficulty in getting healthy sperms.The R & D team of iPreg has developed a sperm sorting chip to collect the healthy sperms before in vitro fertilization therapy. When using the SperŜort™, the healthy sperm can be easily separated under simple procedures without any additional instruments. The ratio of progressive sperm will increase to 90% within 15 minutes of the chip operation. With SperŜort™, we expect to increase the purity and quality of the progressive sperm and further improve the infertility rate of IVF therapy.


我們的優勢 Advantages

好孕行生醫的微流體晶片專利技術,有效提升純化健康精子上升至97%,並大幅降低過程中精子DNA損傷情形至2%,提高人工生殖卵子受精率與試管嬰兒成功率。可適用於無精症,寡精症和弱精症患者之精蟲分選,經篩選後的精子可適用於不孕症夫妻進行體外人工受精(IVF)或是卵細胞質內精蟲注射(ICSI)療程。對比目前全球醫療院的傳統手法,大多半仍採用30年前發展的swim-up(上游法)或gradient                      (梯度離心法),但卻有純化效果不佳以及精子DNA斷裂等風險。因此我們的晶片將可以大幅提高精子的品質。

Using the patented ipreg microfluidic sperm sorting chip enables the separation of most motile sperm with the best DNA and physiological quality from seminal fluid.The selected sperms can further be used in intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) for infertile couples. The sperm preparation process carried out by centrifugation might damage sperm DNA, which negatively affects reproductive outcomes in couples. Ipreg sperm sorting chip utilizes a microfluidic-based sperm sorting without any centrifugation that allows for the selection of highly motile, morphologically normal sperm from unprocessed semen.

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